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BXD difference.

Multifamily development has changed forever. Facing skyrocketing costs and a never-ending amenities arms race, we are revolutionizing how projects will be built.

Our proven development team can reduce costs by as much as 44 percent from our mega-project competitors. Furthermore, we can deliver projects from start to rent in half the time.

Our stunning but simple style will keep BXD units full and our flexibility of size opens up locations that haven’t seen new development in decades.

One caveat: Partners Only. The only way to develop a BXD building is by being part of our exclusive group of partners. Contact us to find out more. Territories are filling up fast.


Our Focus

This changes everything.

Revolutionary Economics

Our team has revolutionized the delivery model for new multifamily development. Our streamlined product can be delivered for an unbelievably advantageous price in half the time.

Stunning Design

Our design team has created an updated, but timeless exterior that will keep BXD buildings en vogue for decades to come.
We have also developed a flexible interior pallet so our tenants can mix and match just about anything.

Optimal for Smaller Markets

The BXD Model is optimized for 18 to 48 unit developments making us an ideal fit for markets and sub-markets not feasible for urban mega-projects.
Many of these markets are facing severe housing shortages

Exclusive Partners Only Program

We work exclusively with experienced owner-operators with extensive multifamily experience.
Our partners also receive exclusive territory rights.
Reach out to us to become a development partner today.


Our Team

Smart. Experienced. Innovative.

Todd Phillips


Jackson Phillips



Experience Matters.

We only work with the best.

I have been in the commercial real estate industry since 2004 and have owned and developed luxury apartments since 2011. During that time I have worked with the best of the best architects, contractors, designers, operators, and investors. I launched this company with my son, Jackson, because we discovered a way to build better and we have assembled a team of unbelievably innovative experts to do better.

We are revolutionizing the multifamily and affordable housing markets.

Prior to real estate, I was an attorney / CPA advising some of the most successful developers in the nation and I can tell you unequivocally, experience matters. The team matters. If you want to see one of my past development projects, check out 430oakgrove. I hope you will consider BXD apartments for your project and for your next home.


Todd A. Phillips

Founder, BXD Investments


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